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Got Questions? Good, because we've got answers.

Need help getting your twitter search clean? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below.

 How to search a keyword?

Submit a keyword in the “Search Tweet” tab to find the latest tweets of a specific topic. Results of the Twitter search will be compiled in Excel Pivots and may be downloaded via a link sent to the provided email address.

 Search multiple keywords?

To search for a tweet containing multiple keywords, add SPACE between the words and the result will only include tweets that include all the words specified.

For results containing either one of the multiple keywords, add "+" between the words to see tweets that include any one of the words specified.

 What are latest searches?

Latest searches are the 10 most recent searches of any keyword on TWEET PLEX.

 What are latest tweets?

Latest tweets are the 10 most recent tweets of various users regarding the last searched keyword in TWEET PLEX.